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  1. Office 365 Users Group!

    Today was the MN Office 365 Users Group and had the opportunity to have two different sessions. #1: presentation #2: presentation


  2. What is my job?

    What is my job now? To be honest I am no longer sure. Recently a friend of mine is looking to move from one IT position to another. He has a background in IT so he has heard about Microsoft Teams but has not played with it specifically. But believes that there is an opportunity for growth in his company if he jumps onto this bandwagan. So the question was: what do I need to know to manage Teams?


  3. Last Week (in Teams) This Morning - September 30th

    Much like John Oliver and HBO I am just going to take random weeks off with nearly no notice leaving the audience wanting more. Or maybe there was very little news to talk about. Or maybe I was out. Not sure which one it was but cue the intro music, dim the lights, here goes…


  4. Last Week (in Teams) This Morning - September 16th

    Another week is in the books. This week most of the Microsoft Teams community is heading to Redmond for Airlift to learn about all Teams. So do we have any news to cover? We have some so lets dive right in.


  5. Last Week (in Teams) This Morning - September 9th

    What an interesting week! And since it was a holiday and short week in the United States, I am not talking about Teams development and releases because honestly it was a bit of a quiet week. What I am talking about however is US Football – specifically the NFL. First it is helmets then its fines and then leaked audio recordings. If you like bad reality TV – the NFL has you covered right now.


  6. Last Week (in Teams) This Morning - September 2nd

    A LONG time ago I decided I was going to try to post weekly updates to my blog. Not only with what has changed in the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business community but also with some commentary that may or may not laced with sarcasm. I was good about it for about a month and then it fell off. So here is my attempt again to fix that. The plan is to have a new post every Monday morning so while you enjoy your cup of joe you have something to read. So without any more introductions:


  7. Where Did My Chat Disappear To?

    So you have been migrating users from Skype for Business modes in Teams and decided its time to move a user to Teams Only (or for some horrible reason back to Islands). But after you migrate your user from a SfB Mode to Teams Only you discover that the user does not have chat in their Teams client. When you attempt to message the user from another client you see that the Administrator has disabled chat for this user.


  8. Migrating Users to Teams Only with MFA Admin Enabled

    Any good organization knows that you need to enable two-factor (MFA) on your admin accounts. But what happens when you try to go to the SfB Control Panel or PowerShell and attemp to move those users. Unfortunately, both SfB On-Prem PowerShell and the Control Panel are not MFA aware. So this is where App Passwords come in.


  9. Be a Meetings Champion!

    Today was the MN Office 365 Users Group meeting and I had the honor to talk about being a Microsoft Teams Meeting Champion. During the presentation we reviewed a bunch of demostrations and more. But I wanted to give a quick outline to those who might download the before mentioned deck with some guidance.


  10. Modes are the answer!

    In my previous post I recounted the reasons an organization might be holding onto Skype for Business and not moving to Teams for voice. As we all know, voice is a very personal decision and an organization might take time to make a decision. But in the meantime, if SfB is your Enterprise Voice solution than Teams should ABSOLUTELY be your Meetings and Collaboration solution. There are really two reasons why you might hold onto SfB for Meetings.


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