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  1. Migrating Users to Teams Only with MFA Admin Enabled

    Any good organization knows that you need to enable two-factor (MFA) on your admin accounts. But what happens when you try to go to the SfB Control Panel or PowerShell and attemp to move those users. Unfortunately, both SfB On-Prem PowerShell and the Control Panel are not MFA aware. So this is where App Passwords come in.


  2. Be a Meetings Champion!

    Today was the MN Office 365 Users Group meeting and I had the honor to talk about being a Microsoft Teams Meeting Champion. During the presentation we reviewed a bunch of demostrations and more. But I wanted to give a quick outline to those who might download the before mentioned deck with some guidance.


  3. Modes are the answer!

    In my previous post I recounted the reasons an organization might be holding onto Skype for Business and not moving to Teams for voice. As we all know, voice is a very personal decision and an organization might take time to make a decision. But in the meantime, if SfB is your Enterprise Voice solution than Teams should ABSOLUTELY be your Meetings and Collaboration solution. There are really two reasons why you might hold onto SfB for Meetings.


  4. Why Haven't You Moved To Teams

    Migrating to Microsoft Teams can be an easy win for many organizations. Those who are using Skype for Business or another technology for presence and messaging should take advantage of the amazing opportunities of Microsoft Teams. Collaboration with team members can greatly reduce time to market of products, increase productivity and change the company culture.


  5. Migrate from WordPress to GitHub Pages

    It was time to follow the crowd! Everyone seemed to be moving away from WordPress to something easier, less costly and simply a lower chance of going wrong. This week alone, another WordPress site has been down for one reason or another three times. So it’s time to move.


  6. Using KendoUI Template with External Files

    Sometimes you need just a little bit more information than what is available on the web.


  7. Update Your Phones (Soon!)

    On Thursday of last week, Microsoft dropped a post on the Tech Communities page with pretty much no context. Here is the announcment:


  8. The Validator

    A new product is coming to Microsoft Teams (pending approval in the store): The Validator


  9. Live from Enterprise Connect

    Just hit refresh to get the latest updates!


  10. Ask an MVP Anything (AMA)

    So I’ve been promising to answer a bunch of random questions people have been sending so here goes. If you have a question and want to have it answered feel free to post it as a comment or e-mail me.


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