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  1. Migrate from WordPress to GitHub Pages

    It was time to follow the crowd! Everyone seemed to be moving away from WordPress to something easier, less costly and simply a lower chance of going wrong. This week alone, another WordPress site has been down for one reason or another three times. So it’s time to move.


  2. Using KendoUI Template with External Files

    Sometimes you need just a little bit more information than what is available on the web.


  3. Update Your Phones (Soon!)

    On Thursday of last week, Microsoft dropped a post on the Tech Communities page with pretty much no context. Here is the announcment:


  4. The Validator

    A new product is coming to Microsoft Teams (pending approval in the store): The Validator


  5. Live from Enterprise Connect

    Just hit refresh to get the latest updates!


  6. Ask an MVP Anything (AMA)

    So I’ve been promising to answer a bunch of random questions people have been sending so here goes. If you have a question and want to have it answered feel free to post it as a comment or e-mail me.


  7. The End is Near: Exchange UM Online Death March

    The news we all knew was coming just didn’t know has finally landed. Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging Online is finally going to be killed and everyone is going to be moved (some may call it forced) to Azure Voice Mail Services.


  8. Microsoft Teams: The Development Platform

    We are certainly in an exciting time where Microsoft Teams is growing up and has become an amazing development platform.  Teams Applications can come in many different pieces: Tabs, Bots, Connectors, Messaging Extensions, Feed Integration and Outgoing Web Hooks.  It’s this extensibility that allows you to customize and extend the Microsoft Teams tool to meet your business needs.  Either through customized Line of Business (LOB) Applications or maybe you want to create an application that appears in the Teams Store at large for recurring revenue, Teams gives you lots of options.


  9. Week In Review: October 19th

    I had to hold off on pushing the GO BUTTON on this post because I knew something was releasing on Monday and I figured if I posted it on Friday someone from Microsoft would come a knocking!


  10. Week In Review: October 5th

    Another amazing week of updates (and sarcasm) is coming to you live today.  I need to purchase a tape recorder so as the week goes by and I think of funny lines I can take them down.  Or maybe I could use my handheld computer that doubles as a communication device for that. This update has a bit of a Cloud Bent on it.


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