Customizing the Conference ID


Sometimes a topic comes up that you are shocked that there isn’t more details out there about it.  So the question I have been asked a few times how can I customize the meeting conference ID.  What conference ID might I be referring to?  When you create a new conference you get the following in your Outlook meeting request.

By default, Lync will assign you a personal Conference ID which will be used for each conference going forward.  Now why would you want to have a customized number?  Maybe you have back-to-back conferences and don’t want people from one meeting bleeding into the next.  As a user, you can easily do this by customizing your conference.

First, click on your Meeting Options button.

Click the “Customize access and presenters for this meeting”.  If you make no changes and simply click OK than you will get a new Conference ID.  If you want to have a custom one every time, simply click the Customize Access and Presenters checkbox and all click the Remember Settings in the lower left corner and you will get a customized conference ID in every meeting going forward.

If you want to undo this, click on Meeting Options and simply uncheck the boxes and save.

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