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Lync Client July 2013 Update (CU2) Details

There were several new features added as part of CU2/July Security Patch –  The following is a rundown of those new features.

Meeting Join from the Lync Client

In addition to joining meeting from Outlook, users can now join meeting directly from the Lync 2013 CU2 Client.  The meetings tab will display all calendar appointments for the current day.  Any internal online meetings will be displayed in blue and can be joined by either double-clicking or right-clicking on the meeting.


Question/Answer Feature

One of the features that was available in Live Meeting 2007 was a Q&A section where users/attendees could ask questions and presenters were able to answer those questions.  The results were able to be saved to an external file for later use.

In Lync Server 2013 CU2, this feature has been restored with within the meeting feature.  To use the feature do the following:

  1. From within any meeting (either scheduled or ad-hoc/meet now).  Hover over the present button.  Here you will see a new option for Q&A.


  1. After choosing Q&A you will see the presentation stage appear with the new Q & A manager.

pic2b pic2c

It is important to note a few rules of using the Q&A Manager.

  1. When Q&A is being used, the group IM feature is disabled for all participants.
  2. All users are able to ask questions and see the answers to questions.  Only presenters are able to answer questions.

Instant Messaging Mute

There are times that during an audio or video conference call you may want to disable the IM feature of the product.  Lync Server 2013 CU2 introduces IM Mute.  Any presenter during a meeting can enable/disable IM mute.  To use this feature:

  1. From within any meeting (either scheduled or ad-hoc/meet now).  Hover over the people button and select Actions.  Here you will see an option for IM Mute.


  1. Once a meeting is muted, all users within the meeting are notified that IM’s are no longer allowed.


Additionally, when creating a meeting from the Outlook Client, an option in the Meeting Options pain allows the same functionality to be enabled.


Inline Pictures within IM Window

A common feature found in competing IM products is the ability to copy/paste pictures directly into the IM window.  This is also a new feature of the Lync 2013 CU2 Client.  To use this feature, simply paste a picture into an IM session.


The user on the far side is able to see/open/save the picture directly from the IM window.


  1. I have installed this update on my Windows 7 PCs and the icon that is meant to represent the meetings tab looks like the vague outline of a phone handset and not the icon shown above. This has happened on two test machines I have installed it on.

    Anyone else notice this?

  2. Hi,
    Our company moved from Sametime to Lync recently. I came across your website while finding means to paste a picture into Lync Chat. But when I use the patch suggested above, I get a message it did not impact anything on the laptop. Even after installing the patch the copy+paste for image did not work out. I even tried pasting the image into MS Word first, hoping with MS Office suite of products the feature may be available. I will appreciate your response.

    • Check the version of your client is the latest. You can simply use Windows Update to get the latest version. That all said, the administrator needs to have enabled File Transfers in your environment for the inline images to work. So try doing a file transfer (i.e. drag a word document into the IM window and see if it transfers to the other users). If it doesn’t do the file transfer, they may have disabled that feature.


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