AD/Lync/Exchange 2013 Provisioning Script

July 30, 2013

So I took a moment to write a provisioning script for Active Directory/Exchange/Lync.  It’s a pretty straight forward script and I’m no PowerShell expert so I don’t pretend this is the best way to write it.  So what the script does is:

  1. Prompts you to which OU you want to create the user.
  2. It will create/do the following:
    • Create an AD User Object
    • Enable the User for Exchange
    • Enable the User for Lync
    • Enable the User for Exchange Unified Messaging
  3. You need to provide the following via variables:
    • Location of Exchange
    • Location of Lync
    • Default Voice Policy
    • Default UM Policy
    • Default Pin
    • Default Password

The script is available here for download here.

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