Active Conference PowerShell Script

November 20, 2013

Yesterday was a busy day with e-mails and other tweets from my PowerShell script that I posted but got a lot of follow-up questions.  The number one question, does this work with Lync Server 2010?

Kinda. If you are willing to just run the SQL command directly on the server.  Lync Server doesn’t use PowerShell 3.0 and is missing some of the SQL commands to be able to run it directly from the PowerShell.  So if you run this SQL Command on your back-end SQL Database:

SELECT ActiveConference.ConfId AS‘Conference ID’, ActiveConference.Locked, Participant.UserAtHost AS‘Participant’, Participant.JoinTime, Participant.EnterpriseId FROM ActiveConference INNERJOIN Participant ON ActiveConference.ConfId = Participant.ConfId

And for Lync 2013 you can refer to the PowerShell Script (

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