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What I Use: Updated for May 2014

I get asked all the time about what headset I prefer, what gateway I prefer, is there a certain tool I use for x, etc.  A few months ago I remember seeing Paul Thurrott post his own “what I use” information of hardware and software and I thought, why not do this with Lync.

I’ll go ahead and update this if anything major changes along the way.

Lastly, note these are all of my own opinion and have nothing to do with my employer.


I believe I’m in the minority when it comes to headsets but I really prefer wired headsets over Bluetooth.  There is something about that “thing” hanging out of my ear which seems strange.

Wired Headset: Jabra Biz 2400 Duo USB.  Of all of the wired headsets I’ve used, I find the Jabra wired headsets to be the most comfortable to use and sounds fantastic.  It offers a very comfortable earpiece … not sure if it’s leather or the fake leather but it’s awesome.

Wireless Headset: Jabra Motion UC.  When I’m using a wireless headset this is the one I’ve turned to most often.  Fits well on my ear and holds a charge for just about forever.

Desk Phones

So I have six different phones on my desk but I continue to switch between two different devices all the time.

Polycom CX600: I still believe this is the best desktop phone on the market at this time.  The integration is simple, it works all the time and I never have a problem with it.

Polycom VVX500: This is my secondary desktop device.  I swap out the CX600 and VVX 500 all the time.  I really like the functionality and flexibility of the 500.  I just wish the BTOE software wouldn’t bring up an error message every time I hit the road with the device.

Portable Sound

I love listening to what everyone considers “crappy pop music” and when I’m out and about I use my Jabra Soulmate.  What I love about this device is not only does it produce some great sound in small to medium sized rooms, you have both a Bluetooth and 1/8 jack adapter.  This device also has a microphone and although not Lync optimized works as a portable device for Lync conferences.

Cell Phone

My current smart phone is a Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8.1.  The app gap has gotten smaller and frankly, Cortana is fantastic.  I also have an Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and Nokia 900.

I’ll add anything else that jumps to mind on the page.


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