Quick Tip: iOS Client won’t login

February 04, 2014

This is the first of my quick tip items – less in-depth analysis and more “how to fix”.

Scenario: Lync iOS user running iOS 7.x, connected via wireless connection.

Issue: User was unable to login to client.  They were met immediately with a “unable to connect to server” error message.  We found that if the user were to move to another wireless connection they were able to login without any issue.

Log File: Upon review of the log file I found several messages like the following:

Failed to get http proxy setting using http://wpad/wpad.dat for UcwaAutoDiscoveryRequest for user@domain.com

This would happen about 10 times through out the single login experience.

Solution: The device was attempting to discover corporate proxy settings due to settings on the client.  Within the Settings | Wi-Fi on the iOS device.

Change HTTP Proxy from Auto to Off.  The WPAD errors immediately went away and the device was able to connect without issue.

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