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Quick Tip: Polycom VVX, Pin Auth, Login Names

Another day and another odd ball issue with Skype for Buiness and Polycom VVX Phones.  So hopefully this helps someone along the way.


So I have an existing common area phone that is attempting to pin auth into a server.  The customer has CX600 phones and looking to replace those phones with new VVX phones as part of a larger replacement.  When the customer attempted to pin auth with their existing accounts, the phones will not pin auth correctly.  We pulled out a CX 600 phone again and was able to login without any issues.

One of the big advantages of a VVX phones is the ability to look at the logs.  When we opened up the Diagnostics and Logs we see this:


If you notice in the logs, it’s trying to register to ‘domain.c’.  As you can most likely guess, this isn’t the domain name for the organization.


So we have a log of common area phones so we are using a 36 digit guid as the SIP address.  The domain itself is 24 characters long.  For example:

Well, as you guessed, there is apparently a maximum number of characters in the SIP name for the VVX phones in order to Pin Auth.  We shortened the guid by 2 letters and suddenly the phone was able to login without any issues.  We tested all the way to 5.4.5 software release.

Hopefully this is an easy fix on Polycom’s part.  I tried to create a ticket for this but I’m not allowed to so they closed it immediately.   🙁



  1. “I tried to create a ticket for this but I’m not allowed to so they closed it immediately.”

    And that says a lot about their customer support initiative.


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