Quick Tip: Windows Insider Build 15007 + Skype for Business = Freezing

January 17, 2017

This will be indeed be a quick tip.  Last Friday I updated to Windows Insider Build 15007.  I love being on the bleeding edge of technology but every once in a while things don’t go the way you want them.  Monday morning I found that SfB Client wasn’t loading anymore.  Now I’m in the Insider Fast for Office as well (I could open Outlook Meetings and more).  So I assumed it was a new build of Office and rolled that back to production.  The problem continued.

I jumped over to EventViewer to see if there was anything useful – typically there is not and I found this:

Figured having whatever Spectrum.exe crashing every second wasn’t a good thing.  So a bit of hunting around and I found this post:


Which tells us to blow away a folder and restart:

Rmdir /s %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Spectrum\PersistedSpatialAnchors
Shutdown /r

After the reboot all was good.  Now to put the Office Insiders Fast ring back on.


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