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Quick Tip: Beware of the Undocumented Features

Sometimes you are just blown away by the simplicity of a problem.  I’m going to let pictures do all of the talking on this.  All you need to know is environment is Polycom VVX Phones.




Syslog from VVX Phone.


Data measured in Bytes




Phones set to pickup changes between Midnight and 5 AM.

Don’t worry…I’ll update this post with more details but the pictures are amazing.  The key item to know is that feature.presence.enabled=”0″ is apparently not supported in a Skype for Business environment.  We have contacted Polycom for a list of all other settings that can be modified while Skype for Business profile is selected but are not documented.


  1. Richard, Thanks for the post. I would like to check my environment to make sure I don’t have the same issue. Can you tell me what log and log level you used and what version of VVX firmware you are on? Thanks

    • You should be able to see the issue by simply exporting out the configuration. If presence is disabled in the config, your phones are going to spam your network like crazy. If you have presence on, then they will spam less (I have another post about the chatty VVX phones on all versions).


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