Week In Review: September 14th

September 14, 2018

There are some weeks where it feels like all the new stopped and it’s one of those weeks.  As Microsoft Ignite draws closer everyone is saving all of their amazing announcements until then.  So what should we talk about today?

Apple released a new Phone

Don’t worry, the top-end phone only costs $1449.  I wonder how many virtual machines I can run on that baby?!?!

Learn some NAT/STUN/TURN

If you never got the chance to attend a Microsoft Masters class (and boy did you miss out) then you never got to see a TRUE lecture on NAT/STUN/TURN.  There were awesome ICE ICE BABY moments and much more.   Well you can check out Mark’s blog and get a flavor for it.  But no icebergs moving across the screen.  #SharkWeek #MissThatTest

API’s are cool

Nope, nothing I write (we can talk about that later) but the Graph API can now get a list of all of your Microsoft Teams.  That is pretty cool.  Check out this post for all the details.

Users Group Meeting

If you are in the Minneapolis area on October 18th come check out the MN Skype/Teams Users Group Meeting.  We typically have around 35 to 40 people each meeting.  Lots of fun.

More Self-Advertising

If you missed it, get your programming on with the new SkypeValidator API’s.  You can build yourself fancy tools to check common issues.

Another Chat Product

So apparently Microsoft has yet another chat product.  No, it’s not Teams or Skype for Business or MSN Messenger or Skype (Consumer) or Group Me but instead it’s Kaizala!  What is that.  No clue but apparently @ucomsgeek created a Kaizala group/channel/thread/location/persistent chat/room to discuss all things Ignite.  I won’t be at Ignite this year…maybe next year…so I guess we can follow along there.

I turned off notifications…one moment as I check my phone…

Good Grief…there are 94 unread message.  I guess that is it for this weeks update as I need to go read yet another inbox.


Written by Richard Richard is an Office Apps & Services MVP (Teams / Skype) who lives in Minneapolis, MN. Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) and MCSM Instructor - when those were a thing long ago. When not writing code, breaking teams - debate coach and avid golfer.
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